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Practice Areas

Based in Los Angeles, California, our office is experienced working in courts throughout California. Our extensive network of attorneys handle specialized fields, and general practitioner of law and can assist you in protecting your legal rights in the areas of family law, divorce, probate, child custody, and related matters. We believe that every person has equal rights and must be protected by law from harm and injury. That’s why our services are affordable and competitive. Our multilingual staff will assist you every step of the process to get you the best legal service possible. When you work with our attorneys, you’ll be working with experienced attorneys who know how to assess the merits of a case and present it to its maximum persuasive impact. For a FREE initial consultation about your legal options, contact our office 213-487-9211. CALL NOW!

Immigration Law

We fight to keep you and your family together, relying upon our vast experience, compassion and knowledge of the immigration and documentation process.

Criminal Law

There is no better defender of your rights than our firm, which understands the finer points of law and can argue your case with energy and persuasive power.

Personal Injury 

Our talented legal team works hard to ensure you get fair compensation – even lost wages and other damages – for any injuries or suffering due to the fault of others.