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Criminal Law

Avoid Conviction and Deportation

We all have hopes and dreams for ourselves and our families. Life in the United States can offer opportunities that many other countries cannot equal. Yet, especially for immigrants, the path to success can include various roadblocks and barriers. These can be complicated if you do not fully understand the country’s laws or you fail to heed them. In many instances, a single criminal offense, no matter how minor or how long ago it was committed, can lead to deportation back to your country of origin.

Ramin Ghashghaei Attorney at Law has solid experience in defending individuals charged with certain criminal violations. Our team of skilled legal experts knows every aspect of the law, and we use that knowledge to assist with your case. We will fight for you and make sure that you get a fair review, either by a judge or a jury of your peers.

Rely on Someone Who Understands

Criminal Law Lawyer Los AngelesRamin Ghashghaei sympathizes with your situation because he is an immigrant himself – someone who achieved success through hard work and many years of night school. He has had to overcome the challenges of an unfamiliar language and culture. Now, as an established attorney, Ramin remembers his roots and he strives to help other hard-working immigrants.

The courts can render verdicts that could deprive you of your livelihood, your family, and your newfound country if you are convicted of a crime. So having Ramin Ghashghaei Attorney At Law and his legal team at your side is critical. He not only can plead your case but also use his knowledge of the system and his relationships with other attorneys, judges, and associates to secure the most favorable outcome possible for you. Don’t fight the court system alone. Turn what otherwise could be a losing battle into a winning result, with the experienced representation of Ramin Ghashghaei.

Here is what Ramin Ghashghaei Attorney At Law does for you:

  • Treats you with respect
  • Listens to the particulars of your case
  • Explains the legal process as it relates to you
  • Discusses your legal options
  • Works actively to secure an innocent verdict for you
  • Relies upon the strengths of his entire legal team
  • Argues your case powerfully, before a judge or jury
  • Serves you honestly, fairly and enthusiastically

Don’t let a criminal charge make you a target for removal from the country. Contact Ramin Ghashghaei Attorney At Law, for your opportunity to live and work in America.

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